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Mohamed Abdgawad

Candidate ID: 1951391

Career Summary

Medical Professionals with 13 years experience in Nephrology in Sweden and 8 years in Internal Medicine.

Skill Set

Nephrology, Internal Medicine

Professional Information

Total Experience : 13

Nationality : Sweden

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Name: Mohamed Abdgawad
Date and place of birth: 1971-07-01, Tobruk, Libya
Lindblomsvägen 78, apartment 1001.
SE-37233 Ronneby Sweden
Tel: +46-454-73 2638 (work).
Mobile: +46-73-8621666.
Nationality: Swedish.
Interests: Culture, nature, literature, poetry.
I have a full and active registration from DHA as a consultant nephrologist
which is valid until 14-10-2022. DHA ID-number is: 71107871.
1-Education / degree:
M.B.Ch.B (January-1996) from the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Arab Medical
University, Benghazi, Libya.
PhD in nephrology (in ANCA vasculitis, October-2010) from Lund University,
Lund Sweden.
Informal specialist competence in nephrology (April-2011) from the University
Hospital of Lund (Now known as Scania University Hospital of Lund, SUS).
Specialist competence in internal medicine (June-2016) from Blekinge
Hospital, Karlshamn.
Specialist competence in nephrology (Nov-2018) from Blekinge Hospital,
2-Professional experience:
Internship (January 1995, January 1996): One year internship, in various
medical and surgical departments at 4 large University Hospitals in Benghazi,
Working as a medical resident at the Department of Medicine and nephrology
department (dialysis unit), Tobruk Hospital, Tobruk, Libya (Mars-1996 - Dec.
Specialist training in Nephrology (April-2011) from the department of
Nephrology, Scania University Hospital of Lund. (This training was intended
for foreign doctors who would go back to their home country, but I stayed
after this period and supplemented/completed with Legitimation (license to
practice medicine) and specialist training in Sweden.
Clinical legitimation (License to practice medicine) taken in 2012-08-07, at
Blekinge Hospital.
Specialist competence in internal medicine (June-2016) from the department
of medicine, Blekinge Hospital in Karlshamn.
Specialist competence in renal medicine (Formal, Nov-2018) from the Kidney
Clinic, Blekinge Hospital in Karlshamn.
3-Clinical experience:
1- Internal medicine experience in Libya: 3 years (March 1996- Dec 1998)
worked as an ST doctor in the various internal medicine departments, at
Tobruk hospital,
Tobruk, Libya.
2- Nephrology experience in Libya: 5 years (Feb 1999-December 2003)
worked as an ST doctor in the nephrology department and dialysis
department at Tobruk hospital, now Tobruk Medical Center. The work
included follow-up of enrolled patients, reception patients and hemodialysis
3- Nephrology experience in Sweden: 13 years (April 2008- now): 4 years as
an ST doctor at the kidney medicine clinic at Scania University Hospital (SUS)
in Lund. Also, as a specialist at the kidney medicine clinic at Blekinge Hospital
in Karlshamn until now (8 years). As chief physician in renal medicine and
internal medicine at the Central Hospital in Kristianstad (CSK) between 2019-
04-01 and 2020-02-25 (10 months). The work included follow-up of enrolled,
reception and follow-up of kidney and medical patients, hemodialysis patients,
home hemodialysis patients, peritoneal dialysis patients and kidney transplant
4-Internal medicine experience in Sweden: 8 years (Feb. 2012 - now) as an ST
doctor and specialist in internal medicine at the various medical departments,
clinics, including 6 months at the thoracic clinic, 10 months at Central
Hospital in Kristianstad (CSK) and now at the Medicine Clinic, Blekinge
Hospital in Karlshamn and Karlskrona.
5-Worked as a relay doctor (Locum/freelancer) at various hospitals in
Sweden; Borås, Trollhättan, Kalmar, Simrishamn, Östersund, Gävle,
Sölvesborg, Närhälsan in Götene, Västra Götaland Region.
6- Currently working as chief physician at renal medicine and internal
medicine, Medicine Clinic, Blekinge Hospital in Karlshamn (since Nov 2018).
4-Courses, medical conferences, and scientific activities:
13th Congress of the International Society for Hemodialysis, Abu Dhabi, UAE,
2018-12-05 - 2018-12-08.
7th-ISN-EMAN Update Congress in Nephrology, Dubai, UAE, 2017-12-13 to
Pulmonary disease conditions, Uppsala, 2016-04-05-2016-04-08.
Acute poisonings, Uppsala, 2016-03-15-2016-03-17.
Diabetes from A to Z, Lund, 2015-11-16–2015-11-18.
Law for doctors, Stockholm, 2015-11-05-2015-11-06.
Communication training for doctors, Karlskrona, 2015-11-03.
Supervisor training for doctors, Karlskrona, 2015-09-14–2015-09-22.
Postgraduate education in renal medicine in Stockholm, 2015-09-07–2015-
Disaster medicine for ST doctors, Karlskrona, 2015-04-08.
Leadership training for ST doctors, Stockholm, 2015-03-23-2015-03-27.
FOUST course (research course), for ST doctors, Basic course for scientific
work Karlskrona, 2015-01 12-2015-04-01.
Acute cardiology course, Uppsala, 2014-09-22–2014-09-26.
Emergency care for future emergency physicians, Lund, 2014-05-19-2014-05-
Acute internal medicine, Care and treatment during the first day of care,
Uppsala, 2014-03-31-2014-04-04.
Swedish Internal Medicine Association's Continuing Education Week, Malmö,
2013-09 23-2013-09-27.
The health care organization in Sweden and other countries, Karlskrona,
Postgraduate education in renal medicine in Stockholm, 6-9 / 09/2010.
8th Renal Failure Academy, Sibiu, Romania: June 10-13, 2010.
14th American Society of Nephrology- (ASN) Board Review course & update,
August 29-September 4, 2009, San Francisco, USA.
7th Renal Failure Academy, Timisoara, Romania: June 11-13, 2009.
Course on Glomerulonephritis in Stockholm, Sweden: 2-4 / February 2009.
Participation with an oral presentation at the 13th International Vasculitis &
ANCA meeting in Cancun, Mexico from April 26 to 29, 2007.
Participation with a poster at the 12th International Vasculitis & ANCA
meeting in Heidelberg, Germany from 15 to 19 June 2005.
Human Biology course 20 points, Lund University, June 2004.
21st Congress of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology in Cairo, Egypt, 16-19 /
2nd Nephrology and Renal Transplant Conference in Tripoli, Libya from 1st
to 2nd May 2002.
Course in: Advances in Nephrology and Dialysis (34th Course), in Milan, Italy
from: 5th to 8th December 2002.
20th Congress of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology in Cairo, Egypt, on 17-
20 / 01/2001.
Practical Hemodialysis course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from: 1st to 4th
April 2001, organized by the National Kidney Foundation, Singapore.
5th Jamahiriya Conference of Medical Sciences in Zawiya, Libya, 9th to 12th
November 2001.
19th Congress of the Egyptian Society of Nephrology in Hurghada, Egypt, on
Course in kidney disease in Nice, France: From 17th to 20th September 2000.
(The fourth nephrology course from the ERA-EDTA European Renal
Association of Nephrology)
37th Congress of the ERA-EDTA, European Renal Association of Nephrology
in Nice, France, on 17-20 / 09/2000.
5- Scientific publications:
4 original scientific publications and 2 chapters in two books:
1- Increased neutrophil membrane expression and plasma level of proteinase
3 in systemic vasculitis are not a consequence of the -564 A / G promoter
polymorphism. Abdgawad M, Hellmark T, Gunnarsson L, Westman KW,
Segelmark M. Clin Exp Immunol 2006; 145: 63–70.
2- Proteinase 3 and CD177 are expressed on the plasma membrane of the
same subset of neutrophils. Bauer S, Abdgawad M, Gunnarsson L, Segelmark
M, Tapper H, Hellmark T. J Leukoc Biol 2007; 81: 458–464.
3- Elevated neutrophil membrane expression of proteinase 3 is dependent
upon CD177 expression. Abdgawad M, Gunnarsson L, Bengtsson AA, Geborek
P, Nilsson L, Segelmark M, Hellmark T. Clin Exp Immunol. 2010 Jul 1; 161 (1):
4- Decreased neutrophil apoptosis in ANCA-Associated Systemic Vasculitis.
Abdgawad M, Gunnarsson L, Bengtsson AA, Geborek P, Nilsson L, Segelmark
M, Hellmark T. PLoS One. 2012; 7 (3): e32439.
5- Book chapter: The role of proteinase 3 and neutrophils in ANCAAssociated systemic vasculitis. By Mohamed Abdgawad, submitted:
November 12th, 2010, Reviewed: April 14th 2011 and Published: October 21st
2011. Name of the book: Advances in the Etiology, Pathogenesis and Pathology of
Vasculitis. Edited by: Luis M Amezcua-Guerra.
DOI: 10.5772/21209.
Link to the chapter:
6- Book chapter: History, classification, and pathophysiology of small vessel
vasculitis. By Mohamed Abdgawad, submitted: May 3rd 2012, Reviewed:
November 26th 2012 and Published: February 20th 2013. Name of the book:
Updates in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vasculitis. Edited by: Lazaros
Sakkas and Kristina Katsiari.
DOI: 10.5772/55238.
Link to the chapter:
6-Language skills: Arabic, English and Swedish, fluently.
I confirm all the details of this C.V. are accurate and complete.