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Sunil Shankaramurthy

Candidate ID: 1836855

Career Summary

A Software Development Engineer Test (SDET) with 8 years of experience emphasizing on Automation Testing. Adept at manual, automation, API, DB, performance, and security testing procedures and techniques. With technology as a core strength, designing and developing BDD Test Automation framework.

Skill Set

Java, Selenium, Automation testing, performance testing, manual testing, Jira, Docker, AWS, Oracle SQL, jmeter, PostMan

Professional Information

Total Experience : 8

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Post Graduate

Job Function : IT - Software

Work Location Preference : UAE

Detailed Profile

A Software Development Engineer Test (SDET) with 8 years of experience emphasizing on Automation Testing. Adept at manual, automation, API, DB, performance, and security testing procedures and techniques. With technology as a core strength, designing and developing BDD Test Automation framework and Performance test suits for highly scalable Web Applications with proven stability adaptability and continuous improvement.

Primary Skills:
Selenium (WD,Grid),Java(Maven), Ruby,
BDD/TDD,Cucumber,TestNG,Junit, POM

OracleSQL, PostgreSQL, Burp Suite
Jenkins(CI/CD), Docker, Github
Agile, JIRA, Test Planning and Estimation
Secondary Skills:
AWS, NLP, Taxonomy, Data Analysis

Appium,,BIRT BI Reporting, MS Excel
Wipro Technologies December 2012-Present
Client : Capital One,Nottingham (UK) Aug 2017- Present
Working at client place on agent case management Web Application built on Oracle ADF and SOA which connects to the cloud services (AWS) for the data transactions. This application can handle more than 30K cases daily.
Software Development Test Engineer | SQL Developer (Agile SDLC Environment)
Primarily worked on developing Automation code for functional/ non functional testing and test management.
Selenium(WebDriver), Java, Cucumber,TestNG (BDD, POM) : Revamped the structure of Automation Regression test suite built on BDD framework using Selenium, Java, Cucumber and TestNG with the best practices by implementing Page Object Model (POM) and parallel run using selenium grid. Thus optimised and reduced 70% of the test run time and updating page factory become very easy and hassle free.
Jmeter(WDS), Selenium (Grid), Docker : Independently Designed and developed a complete Performance test suite which provides the real user experience report by simulating end to end flow using Selenium and Jmeter WebDriver Sampler (WDS). This helped to find and address the underlying performance issues like stuck threads, table indexing, ADF UI issues etc. Used Docker and Selenium Grid to simulate users in MAC OS and Window. The suite can perform Load, Stress SOAK and also functional tests.
Java RestAssured, PostMan, Jmeter : Developed API unit testing using PostMan to test external data transaction connectivity with AWS and created a TDD java framework to collaborate all the API’s in one place and provided CSV data files for each scenario wrt API’s. Used Jmeter to perform load testing.
OracleSQL, PostgreSQL: Working as part time DB developer by developing and deploying SQL DML statements into PROD. Expert in writing complex SQL queries for data validation. Automated the DB data validation process using JAVA to Assert and retrieve data from SQL and XML.
Github, Jenkin(CI/CD): Using Github and Jenkin to manage the above mentioned automation code and to schedule Sanity Test run for every pre-prod deployment with report mailing service.
JIRA, Test Planning and execution: Using Jira for test story flow and maintenance. We create Test plan, execution, test sets and x-ray reports (matrix) in Jira for every epic. I’m responsible for testing time estimation.
Daily Duties: Reviewing the Sanity test report, providing QE level approval for SIT or PROD deployments. Responsible for the first level of PROD incidents investigation sent from Tech Ops, Conducting 3 amigo sessions in collaboration with Devs, PO and TPM and attending all the Agile ceramonies.
Client : Wipro Technologies (Bangalore) March 2015 - May 2017
Worked on Wipro Travel Management Web application migration project built on java ,js and mongoDB which is used to maintain employees travel details and to upload the bills to generate the total cost spent in one or multiple travels automatically.
Quality Assurance Engineer | WaterFall Development environment
Primarily worked on converting all the manual test cases into automation script and image text analytics testing.
Selenium(WebDriver), Java, Junit,Cucumber (BDD) : Converted more than 200 manual test cases into automated scripts. Developed scenario (end to end) based test scripts for image (bills) processing and other travel flows.
Rest API, Jmeter : Performed client /Server RestAssured API testing using Jmeter. Created a test plan for performance testing and executed with jmeter’s CSV and HTML reports.
Image Text Analytics: Owned the image text analysis testing. It’s a kind of R & D work, Performed manual testing of web/ mobile and converted the business flows into automation script using Selenium and Java. Responsible for preparing the taxonomy.

Client : Glencore (Bangalore /Australia) Sept 2013 - Dec 2014
Worked with Glencore Coal company for building BI reports using Quintiq and Eclipse BIRT Reporting tool. These are daily, Weekly and monthly reports generated based on the Coal transactions and logistics plans in various coal fields. Basically it involves Math skills to develop / test the reports..
Data Analyst / Report Developer | Team of 3 resources
Primarily worked on report data analysis and report development as well using Oracle SQL and Quintic jobs.
Eclipse BIRT Tool: Developed Data Driven web pages ( reports) in BIRT using Java and Oracle SQL.
Java and SQL : BIRT allows us to customise the report using Java expressions builder. Since the reports required math skills and other conditional skills, Java played an important role to achieve this. And developed complex select queries, views using Oracle SQL.
Data Analysis : Used SQL skills and MS Excel skills to validate the data generated in the reports. Here we used old prod manual data to analyse and validate the reports accuracy.
Visited Australia (coal mines and clients corporate offices) to understand the coal logistics methods and functionality as well as requirement gathering.

Client : Nestle (Bangalore) April 2013 - Sept 2013
Worked with Nestle for Social Media Analytics POC built on JAVA and MY SQL. This POC is to gather all the statements/comments written by users or public in social media like FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This POC is basically done to carry out data analysis on the user comments and to address any negative comments which spread virally.
Data Analyst | SOcial Media Analyst | Team of 3 resources.
Java, MYSQL Taxonomy and NLP: Used Java to call the social media publicly exposed API’s to collect the information and store it in MYSQL. The code used to poll the social media for every 1 hrs once to get the information. Our background code is used to analyse the comments using taxonomy based on severity points. If anything goes viral then an automated mail will be sent through Nestle to the user to handle the situation.

Rewards and Recognitions :
Winner Circle Points:For implementing a real time user experience performance suite using Jmeter, Selenium.
Wall of Fame : From the client for the problem solving skill and cost reduction technique .
Winner Circle points: For handling the complete testing of the application on a big release as a single testing resource.

Master of Computer Application (MCA) Years : 2009-2012
Institute : MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT)
CGPS : 7.75