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Candidate ID: 1379095

Career Summary

Intensivist-Anesthetist with 20 years experience in Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors functional area. I have M.D. Anesthesia, E.D.I.C. (European Diploma Intensive Care), and F.I.C.M. (Fellowship Intensive Care Medicine) with DHA, MOH Oman, and Indian Medical Licence.

Skill Set

Intensive Care, mechanical ventilation, shock, respiratory failure, Quality, Research, Teaching

Professional Information

Total Experience : 22

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Oman, UAE

Detailed Profile



b) AGE: 51 Years
c) GENDER: Female
e) OMAN CIVIL ID: 65075211
g) HUSBAND: Consultant Orthopedic surgeon at National Trauma Center Muscat, Oman, intending to change job with me.
i) TEL: HOME: 22019659, GSM: 99578636
j) E-MAIL:


a) Current Position: Acting Consultant (Senior Specialist)
Institution: SQUH (Sultan Qaboos University Hospital)
Period: 2011- Till Date


i. SPECIALIST at SQUH 2008-2011
ii. Medical Officer at Khoula Hospital, M.O.H 2001-2008
iii. Assistant Consultant at B.M.C.H.R.C Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 1999-2001
iv. Senior Registrar Cardiothoracic Anesthesia: SMS Medical college Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


• E.D.I.C (European Diploma Intensive Care) by European Society of Intensive Care Medicine 2008-2010,
• M.D. Anesthesia from SMS Medical College, University of Rajasthan, India 1994-97
• F.I.C.M (Fellowship Intensive Care Medicine): Medvarsity, Apollo group of Hospital, Chennai, India 2017
• MBBS from RNT Medical college, University of Rajasthan, India

Medical Practice License

• DHA exam cleared and additional documents verification on-going.

• Rajasthan Medical Council, India from 1997- till date

• Oman license from 2001-till date


• I have been rewarded with “Best Teacher Award” by College of Medicine and Health Sciences of Sultan Qaboos University in April’2019
• I have been awarded for “3rd place for Oral research paper presentation” in Feb’2019
• I have been awarded ‘Excellence in Teaching’ by Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in May’2018
• I have been awarded for ‘Outstanding Performance’ by Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in Feb’2018
• My paper presentation on ‘Radial artery cannulation: Comparison of two techniques.’ Has been awarded for best paper presentation in OSACC conference in 2014
• I have cleared my European Diploma in Intensive Care with a Certificate of Excellence from the panel of examiners of EDIC at Belgium.
• My performance was judged as the best performance amongst all the candidates who appeared in MD Anesthesia exam. And based on this I got recommended for senior registrar post in cardiac anesthesia.
• I have been awarded by Udaipur Surgical Society for EXCELLENT performance in General surgery in 1993 (Final M.B.B.S).


• Senior Clerkship ICU:

i. Coordinator since 2013
ii. Tutor since 2012
iii. 1-week course: 6 times a year with approximately 20 students every rotation
iv. Involves didactic lectures and skills station teaching on day 1 and 2, teaching rounds and case-based discussions and teaching of procedures in rest of the rotation.

• Junior Clerkship Anesthesia:

i. Tutor since 2011
ii. 1-week course
iii. Involves skill station teaching on day 1 and didactic lectures and teaching in OT on remaining days
iv. Involves: 7-8 students every year

• Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB):

I. Executive Committee member: Since 2020
II. Research Committee member: Since 2021

• FCCS teaching

I. Frequency: Yearly once or twice
II. Skills station: 2 during each course
III. Lectures: 1-3 during each course
IV. No of students around 25-30

• ICU Advanced Nephrology course:

i. Frequency: once in 2 years
ii. Skills station: 2 during each course
iii. Lectures: 1-2 during each course
iv. No of students: 15-20



1. Burad J, Kodange S. Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome due to Atypical Antipsychotics in a COVID-19-positive Pregnant Woman. Indian J Crit Care Med 2021;25(9):1073–1074.
2. Al-Busaidi M, Burad J, Al-Belushi A, Gujjar A. Super Refractory Status Epilepticus in Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy. Oman Med J. 2017 May;32(3):247-250. doi: 10.5001/omj.2017.46.

3. Burad, J., Date, R., Kodange, S. et al. Comparison of conventional and ultrasound guided techniques of radial artery cannulation in different haemodynamic subsets: a randomised controlled study. Intensive Care Med. 2017 Jan;43(1):140-141. doi: 10.1007/s00134-016-4569-z. Epub 2016 Sep 29

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8. Tawfic QA, Kausalya R, Al-Sajee D, Burad J, Mohammed AK, Narayanan A. Adult Sickle Cell Disease: A Five-year Experience of Intensive Care Management in a University Hospital in Oman. Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J. 2012 May;12(2):177-83. Epub 2012 Apr 9. PMID: 22548136

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15. Dr. Anjum S. Khan Joad, Dr. Jyoti Burad, Dr. Charu Mehta. Intravenous lignocaine infusion for neuropathic pain in cancer patients – a preliminary study Indian J. Anaesth. 2002; 46 (5): 360-364


1. Ongoing project: “Comparison of Airway Pressure Release Ventilation versus Conventional Low Tidal Volume ventilation in COVID-ARDS, a Randomized Controlled study at Sultan Qaboos University hospital”

2. Ongoing project: Comparison of high flow nasal cannula, face mask non-invasive ventilation and helmet NIV in COVID-19 ARDS patients (HIFNI-COVID Trial)

3. Ongoing project: “A five-year retrospective study to find a superior anesthetic technique for cesarean section from hemodynamic perspective.”

4. “Reasons and outcomes of direct admission of patients to ICU from operating room in SQUH” project finished during 2019.

5. Retrospective study to find out the appropriateness of ICU admission of postoperative patients during years 2016-2018

6. Prospective observational study done on “Perioperative Delirium: incidence and anesthetic etiologic factors” 2018-2019

7. Audit on the degree of excellence of glycemic control and outcomes in SQUH ICU. 2014-2017

8. “Prospective Randomized study on comparison of Arterial Cannulation by Conventional versus Ultrasound guided methods in patients with different hemodynamics.” Published in ICM journal

9. Prospective study on incidence of Ventilator associated Pneumonia in S.Q.U.H’ I.C.U. & the quantitative measurement of the factors affecting it.

Projects just started:

1. Retrospective study of effect of glycemic levels on mortality in covid versus non-covid critically ill patients.
2. Retrospective study of effect of glycemic levels on incidence of AKI and need of Dialysis in covid versus non-covid critically ill patients.


• Presented paper on “Comparison of conventional and ultrasound guided techniques of radial artery cannulation” on Research Day Feb’2019 and won an award: “3rd Best Research presentation”.

• Presented poster on “Comparison of conventional and ultrasound guided techniques of radial artery cannulation” in National conference of Indian society of Anesthetist in Dec’2015.

• Presented paper “Comparison of conventional and ultrasound guided techniques of radial artery cannulation” in Oman International anesthesia and critical care conference (19-22nd Nov 2014) in Muscat. The abstract was published in SQUMJ in March’2015.

• Abstract published: Presentations of Sultan Qaboos University Clinico-Pathologic Conferences: Sultan Qaboos University College of Medicine & Health Sciences and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, 2014–2015. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal. 2015;15(4):e574-e577. doi:10.18295/squmj.2015.15.04.027.

• “Walking on a tight-rope” Presented on intraoperative pulmonary embolism in SCRAPS, hospital CME on Jan’2015.

• “The Unstoppable” Presented on Status Epilepticus due to a rare cause of Autoimmune thyroiditis” in SCRAPS, hospital CME on Jan 23rd’2014.

• “Can we tame the bug?” Presented on Acinetobacter MDR in SRCAPS, hospital CME on 23rd Jan 2013.

• Presented on Role of Albumin in Intensive Care in National Conference of Oman Society of Anesthetist & Critical Care Medicine (OSACC), in December’2010, held in Muscat.

• Presented on C.V.V.H. in National conference of Oman Society of Anesthetist & Critical care medicine (OSACC), in January 2009 held at Muscat.

Mandatory Courses: BLS (updated Feb’2021), ACLS (updated Feb’2021), PALS (updated 3 years back), ALERT COURSE (Rapid response team)


• ICU-ACI Accreditation team leader 2020-21.

• There are ongoing audits under my supervision: Compliance of Sepsis 1st hour bundle, rate of re-intubation in ICU (covid versus non-covid), Compliance of DVT prophylaxis in ICU (covid versus non-covid)

• Postgraduate Research project supervision: Currently, there are 2 PG research project undergoing under my supervision.

• Undergraduate Research project supervision: Currently supervising 3 student research projects for undergraduate students.

• Member of Curriculum Committee: Curriculum development: I have further evolved the Curriculum for Senior Clerkship ICU rotation in 2018-19.

• Quality management: I have coordinated and updated protocols and policies for department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, SQUH in 2018 as well as 2020.

• Member of ICU-User committee

• Departmental representative of Incident reporting system committee and I investigate and give recommendation regarding the IRs of the department.

• Deputy Chairperson of hospital CPR committee, SQUH since January 2020

• Coordinator and Tutor for Senior Clerkship students for ICU rotation since 2013


• Attended Item writing development workshop on 29th Feb-1st March 2020

• Attended OSACC conference in October’2019, held in Muscat.

• “Applied Medical Research: Basic Biostatistics and Scientific publication workshop” conducted by Oman Medical Speciality Board and Oman Medical Association in March’2019

• Contact program attended in May’2018 at Apollo Hospital Chennai for 2 weeks as part of Fellowship Intensive Care Medicine

• Research Methodology and Statistics workshop SQUH, Oman, in March 2018.

• Health Professions Education training course @ SQUH, October 2017

• Student Assessment Workshop training course @SQUH, Oct-Nov 2017

• SPSS statistics training course @ SQUH, Oman. December’2016

• Research methods training course @ SQUH, Oman. December’ 2016

• Difficult airway workshop conducted by Difficult Airway Society (DAS) of UK in June’2016: Emphasis was on difficult airway algorithms in different scenario and hands-on on the latest airway gadgets

• ESICM accredited Instructor course of mechanical ventilation at Abu-Dhabi in May’2016.

• ECMO course at Royal hospital in Nov 2015 and am actively participating in management of ECMO patients as part of ECMO team.

• ALERT course (candidate and Instructor) in April’2015 at S.Q.U.H. to be a part of Out-reach team in the hospital.

• ECHO course conducted by SCCM, in Abu-Dhabi, in 2015

• Attended OSACC conference in Nov’ 2014 as Faculty. And I have taken sessions for how to induce and maintain hypothermia in ICU patients for nursing critical care workshop. I have also presented paper of radial artery cannulation: comparison of two techniques.

• Attended Nysora conference of Regional Anesthesia in Nov’2014 as Faculty. Nerve blocks with ultrasound guidance were updated during this conference.

• ECMO course from Papworth, UK in March’2014.

• ESICM accredited Advanced ICU Nephrology Instructor Course from Abu-dhabi in Nov 2013. After this I have participated as Instructor Abu-dhabi and Royal hospital Muscat.

• Attended 3-day workshop on "Echocardiography in ICU" held in Belgium in Nov'2011. The emphasis of this workshop was on use of ECHO for identification of patients in shock, the basics and advanced use of ECHO in ICU.

• Attended "Ultrasound guided nerve blocks" workshop at Royal Hospital, Muscat Oman in Dec'2011

• Attended “Cardiac critical care course” at Max super specialty hospital New Delhi in Dec’2009.

• Attended “Indo-British Critical care course” to keep update in the field, held at P.D. Hinduja hospital Mumbai, in Nov’2009.

• Attended “Ultrasound in Critical Care workshop” held at S.Q.U. Hospital in May’2009

• Attended workshop on “Interpretation of C.T. scan in Intensive care” held at Royal Hospital, Muscat, in Jan’2009

• Attended workshop on “Ultrasound guided & nerve stimulator guided nerve blocks” in Sultan Qaboos University hospital in December 2008.

• Attended “Critical care Refresher course” conducted by European society of Intensive care medicine, in September’2008.

• Attended Difficult Airway Workshop (Aug’2004), which included hands on experience of various instrument {Bougies, Bullard Laryngoscope, Light wand, Tracheal Tube changers, Emergency Cricothyrotomies, Percutaneous Tracheostomies - Rhino, Laryngeal mask - Classic, Proseal & Fastrach, Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy- children & adults, Retrograde intubation.

• Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia at Escort’s Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi. (1 month – May’1998): This was an intensive training which included 14 – 16 hours of work per day. Attention was paid to successful & latest trends in the management of Open heart (esp. C.A.B.G. cases).

My future aims and objectives:

• Continue to gain experience in Intensive care medicine which is not only my job but also my ‘passion’.

• I want to excel and improve my skills of Bronchoscopy. Presently I can perform basic bronchoscopy-assisted procedures like Tracheostomy guidance, procuring BAL samples, gross bronchoscopy-assisted toileting for atelectasis. I plan to take up a course for further skills with bronchoscope in near future.

• I want to update in ECMO therapy for ICU patients. Presently I can start and manage a patient on VV-ECMO but would like to include VA-ECMO to my experience and knowledge.

• I will continue my touch with Anesthesia as it’s a highly skill-based branch and I do enjoy doing all types of cases.

Membership of learned societies:
--Society of Critical Care Medicine (5 years)
--European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (9 years)
--Lifetime member of Critical care society of India. (since 1997)
--Lifetime member of Indian Society of Anesthetist of India. (since 1999)

Who am I?

I am a hardworking, experienced Anesthetist-Intensivist, working at University hospital. I have above-average knowledge and excellent skills in everyday Intensive care and Anesthesia procedures and case-conduct. I am ready to update myself anytime and have solved quite a few difficult cases. I can work well under pressure.

My special interests are routine ventilator management, APRV, VV-ECMO, Percutaneous-Tracheostomy, Non-invasive and invasive cardiac output monitoring and management of shock, basic bedside Echocardiography and ultrasound guided procedures, basic bronchoscopy for atelectasis, tracheostomy, BAL and difficult airway.

I love to manage ICU cases with basics and special attention-to-details.
I am a person of ethics and I am good at day-to-day communication with patient/their surrogate.
I have worked at many Intensive care units in cardiac center, poly-trauma and neurosurgical center, oncology center and presently my present ICU has a case mix of medical, cardiology, surgical, oncology, nephrology, pulmonology, rheumatology and neurosurgery patients,
I am well versed with the routine medications and equipment of ICU.
I have recently published quite-a-few research papers out of which last two were in Intensive Care Medicine journal.

I am interested and updated with academics related to the subject and I am tutor and coordinator of the Senior Clerkship students for Intensive care medicine. I am active Instructor of some well-known ESICM and SCCM courses like: FCCS, Advanced Mechanical Ventilation, ICU Advanced Nephrology, ALERT (Rapid response team) course.