Management Resume - Essentials

Shankar Srinivasan

Posted on 12/15/2010

CV writing is an Art. Usually the preliminary screening of the CVs only lasts less than a minute for managerial positions. Within this time, your CV should attract the attention of the person who is going through it. Creating an effective management CV can mean the difference between your success and failure. When recruiters go through resume for each position, they have a set of requirements which has to be met before they go through the entire resume.
As a management person, you are responsible to convey the organization’s value down the pyramid. You have to ensure meeting the top line keeping a close watch on the bottom line. This requires solid experience & business acumen. These are some of the personality traits recruiters will be looking for to see in your Resume.

Some tips for a Solid management resume:

Present your CV in 1 to 2 pages typed in neat and appealing fonts. Avoid using too big or too small fonts.

The flow of your CV should ensure that persons going through it will be captivated to it & spends time to go through it in full.

You may start your CV with your job titles at the top of the resume, such as "Sales Manager” which is another way of helping your targeting without writing an objective.

Provide a powerful introduction. Some professionals advice not using 'Objective' in the resume, but use the block paragraph summary with 4-6 statements that highlight key skills and expertise.

You may add up functional expertise in your resume after the introduction.

Follow it up with your Professional Experience & include significant achievements in each Job.
Then you may include your Qualification & personal information. Don't add unwanted information like politician affiliation etc which is not essential for your candidature for the position.

Use of Strong Verbs:

If you are applying for a management position, it is advisable to use a strong combination of power verbs to document responsibilities and achievements. Common management verbs include: Managed, Led, Headed, Oversaw, Achieved, Controlled, Coordinated, Championed, Delivered, Negotiated, Mentored, Planned and Trained. When the Recruiter goes through the resume, he understands that you have actually done things required for a manager.

All the best!