AI, HR & Future opportunities (for HR)

Shankar Srinivasan

Posted on 8/26/2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was steadily but surely penetrating industry world over & was redrawing the employment landscape. But the sudden outbreak of the Pandemic caused by Corona Virus has redefined work and employment as we knew it. Now the very premise of work has started changing & so will the future of work and role of HR in the near future. HR may soon be an important business driver & replace sales and finance driven business models in Human Capital-intensive organisations. With every such changes comes great opportunities. New Jobs get created.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) brought together 100 CHROs, CLOs, and VP’s of talent to envision new HR Jobs and Roles that might evolve over the next decade. They have come out with 21 new roles:

• Director of Well-being
• Future of Work Leader
• Workplace Environment Architect
• WFH Facilitator
• Employee Enablement Coach
• Distraction Prevention Coach
• Chief Purpose Planner
• Human Network Analyst
• HR Data Detective
• Algorithm Bias Auditor
• Human Bias Officer
• Second Act Coach
• Human Machine Teaming Manager
• University4Life Coordinator
• Head of Business Behaviour
• Strategic HR Business Continuity Director
• Chatbot and Human Facilitator
• Gig Economy Manager
• VR Immersion Counselor
• Climate change Response Leader
• Genetic Diversity Officer

Change is the only constant. Embrace it and move on or be left behind.

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