Be Great!

Shankar Srinivasan

Posted on 8/21/2020

When applying for leadership roles, employers assess you based on your industry knowledge, job experience and subject knowledge. How attractive will the offer be depends on how they grade you:

Will fit in, can be considered:

The industry demands a lot, hope you will be able to cope
Based on our discussion, I think you will learn and be upto the role
You do have the basics required for the subject, you should be a fast learner
We have a few more people to meet before we make you the offer
The pay for the role is fixed. Not negotiable...
I want a confirmation if you will join or not now.

Good, can hire:

Well, he does understand the industry well.
I am sure, you will fit into the role
Your knowledge in the subject is pretty good
We will get your offer ready in couple of days
We will not be able to pay you more since others in similar roles will feel let down
Happy to welcome you

Great, shouldnt be missed:

Wow we have to learn about the industry from him
I just want him in the team, his insight will help our organisation
You should guide the team in the subject
Our offer will be ready momentarily, hope you will accept it
Well, salary shouldn't be a problem and we will top it up with stock options and other perks
Just say yes! (fingers crossed)

Now wear the Recruiters hat & see how you fit in the organisation.

If you are Great, nothing can stop you from getting the Job!